Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Digital Manifest

It's been Future Convention day in Frankfurt and here is the tweet I wrote while reflecting on what I saw today:

Don't get me wrong, it was a great day with a hundred ideas, concepts and biz-models to learn about and interesting talks in the business line to attend.

Nevertheless following the discussion panel in the evening I felt there could have been more:
  • More insight into how digitization is about to revolutionize or transform how society works. 
  • And more controversial ideas on how to get a grip on what is happening and shaping the rules of play to create value. 
We are talking value not in a strictly monetary sense but understand it as the well being for us humans engaged in our globalizing social collective.
This is why I found myself capturing my basic impressions on the state of digitization below. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree and share ideas and resources on digitization that you feel excited or concerned about:   


The Digital Manifest

1) The dynamics of acceleration by setting up and using networks and digitizing the way we communicate and work is a feature of the collective. 

2) Individuals can't or at least won't be able to cope with the speed of technical progress in terms of learning. But we like to believe that they can a lot.

3) Without moderating boundary conditions a thriving collective does not in itself establish or care for the well being of individuals.

4) We don't have a clue or at least are far from establishing consensus on which set of rules to impose would be wise.

5)  The current dynamics of digitization is a global phenomenon. But we are lost maybe stuck in the trouble to define, implement and establish a set of rules we deem useful.

6) As long as we fail to come up with such rules, we will see cultural achievements, moral values and social peace erode increasingly faster day by day.

7) This development is a chance to change human society into something more human. The chance exists because morals and responsibilty are always based on human, empathetic interaction between individuals fostered globally by digital networks.

Final Remark: There is another digital manifest you can find at Spektrum der Wissenschaft. It is labeled "Digital Democracy not dictatorship of data" and worthwhile to read (german).

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